Now More than Ever

Markets have been nothing short of disappointing and tough to negotiate for over a year now.  As we have gone through 2015, we have diligently rebalanced portfolios when appropriate and are producing returns consistent with what the market is allowing across our strategies.  Discipline is always easy when it’s not necessary.  One of the most important roles an advisor plays is executing on the game plan.  Deviating on that plan always leaves the team, business, or investor in much worse shape than they were at the beginning.  Know that we are watching what is happening and making sure in every way possible that you will be okay while executing on the plan we put in place for YOU.

While it may feel more compelling than ever to do something different, this is THE time to hold true and stick to your plan.  Not only does history tell us this is true, but for you sports fans out there I’d challenge you to give me a good example of the last time a “prevent defense” has worked well in a football game.

We are looking forward to sitting down with you in the coming weeks to go over YOUR PLAN and make sure that we are well positioned to achieve all that is important to you.

For those reading this that we do not work with, now more than ever is it critical to know what your game plan is so you can execute it with precision.  We’d love to offer our complimentary 2nd opinion service to you, or any other person in your life that you care about.

Let’s make 2016 all it can be!