“Business owners need other business owners who “get it” and know the right next steps for their financial future.”

– Rich Schuette-

Rich Schuette, CFP®

Founding Partner | Work-Life Connector for Entrepreneurs
Rich has more than 20 years of experience assisting successful business owners, service providers, corporations and C-Level professionals address multi-faceted financial challenges. Understanding the complexity of balancing professional and personal needs, Rich enjoys working with individuals who are entrepreneurial minded and as a result specializes in the needs of current business owners and recently exited officers and owners.

Rich’s background within his field of concentration allows him to deliver unparalleled guidance while helping his clients maintain emotional and financial perspective. Due to the fact that business owners typically take their risks and make their wealth in their businesses rather than their investment portfolios, Rich focuses on employing conservative and proven investment strategies designed to properly diversify his clients’ net wealth and therefore provide them with a reliable, worry-free lifestyle outside of their professional endeavors.