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The Value of Multigenerational Family Meetings

A Bird In The Hand Blog

A Bird in the Hand…   For years, we have been telling clients that we are not often fans of Roth IRA’s.  It has been a very unpopular stance in many instances but one that we will continue to broadly take.  While there are some instances of benefit, as a whole it’s worrisome to us. […]

Summer Art Classes at Santa Barbara City College

Summer Art Classes are available at Santa Barbara City College.  If interested in either class please contact us at Avalan about a Summer Art Scholarship.
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Lullaby Part 3: You May Be Right

Here we present the third and last installment of our three-part blog entitled “Lullably: The Financial Markets Tease Us Back to Complacency”. This piece takes a retrospective on the market over the past three years, while offering a progressive commentary. Make sure to read Part 1: We’re Only Human and Part 2: Pressure. Click on […]