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Qualified Opportunity Funds- The latest way to do well by doing good

Savvy Negotiating: To Get to the Moon, Reach for the Stars.

What is Fiduciary Advice

What Is Fiduciary Advice? May 2016 Anyone searching for investment advice is undoubtedly confronted with many choices of service providers operating under titles such as certified financial planner, financial consultant, registered investment advisor, stockbroker, and insurance agent. These titles can be confusing because on the surface it is not clear whether these professionals are legally […]

A Bird In The Hand Blog

A Bird in the Hand…   For years, we have been telling clients that we are not often fans of Roth IRA’s.  It has been a very unpopular stance in many instances but one that we will continue to broadly take.  While there are some instances of benefit, as a whole it’s worrisome to us. […]

TIPS to Short Duration Bonds

After careful consideration, we have decided to make a small change to our core portfolios. We wanted to notify you of this change that will prompt you to see some activity via confirmations and in your monthly statements. This change will replace your Inflation Protected Bond fund (DIPSX) with the Short Duration Real Return Portfolio […]

David Booth Interview on CNBC Video

Thought I would share a recent interview by David Booth on CNBC (video link). David Booth, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, tells CNBC’s Sharon Epperson his winning investment philosophy, “let the market do the work for you,” is based on the research done by a Nobel Prize winner.

Recent Market Volatility

While never unexpected, it still surprises me that when markets have bad days I’m inundated with emails, phone calls, and questions that come on the heels of the news.  Yesterday was no exception, when the broad US Market (as measured by the S&P500) closed down 3.87% over two days.  I wanted to take a moment […]


It always seems inevitable that when markets move enough to be back in the headlines, that I start to get a lot of questions about “Is this the time to…?” As human beings, we are wired to think we can control the uncontrollable, so we start to look for ways to do it. I’m a […]