Category: Volatility

Surviving a Volatile Market

In our last special post we covered some of the economic issues we have been facing in the financial markets this past week, that have created a renewed volatility that is reviving those all too familiar unwelcome feelings among many investors—feelings of anxiety, fear, and a sense of utter powerlessness. While these are completely natural […]

Six Hundred and WHAT?!?!

The widely reported Dow Jones Industrial Average lost over 600 points yesterday, mostly in response to speculation over what is to come as a result of the S&P downgrade of US Government Debt. Interestingly, the same agency that was scrutinized for not calling attention to possible problems leading into the 2008 financial crisis is now […]

Cash Quandary

Since the onset of the financial crisis in late 2007, the Federal Reserve has used interest-rate cuts and other policy tools in an effort to fuel economic growth. Economists can debate the effectiveness of these policies, but everyone can agree that today’s low interest rates are a two-sided coin. Consumers, businesses, and government all benefit […]