How Earnings Can Guide Investors in Difficult Markets

The latest earnings figures show that companies are performing well which is a positive sign in this uncertain market environment. In the long run, investors should focus more on trends around economic fundamentals such as earnings than on day-to-day stock moves. Click here to read the full article.

How Oil Prices Impact Inflation, the Fed and Markets

The stock market has become increasingly jittery with the S&P 500 experiencing its first 5%* pullback of the year. The possibility the Fed could delay its first rate cut, declines in technology and artificial intelligence stocks, and tensions in the Middle East have all contributed to the market swoon. Click here to read the full […]

Perspective on the Magnificent 7 and Valuations

Peter Madlem, CFA | Chief Investment Officer The stock market continues to reach new heights, driven by a stronger-than-expected economy and the largest technology stocks. In particular, Nvidia, a maker of graphics chips used in artificial intelligence applications, recently helped to push markets higher after it beat Wall Street earnings expectations. This has added to […]

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