Presidential Elections and the Stock Market

What is Fiduciary Advice

What Is Fiduciary Advice? May 2016 Anyone searching for investment advice is undoubtedly confronted with many choices of service providers operating under titles such as certified financial planner, financial consultant, registered investment advisor, stockbroker, and insurance agent. These titles can be confusing because on the surface it is not clear whether these professionals are legally […]

Market Review – 1st Quarter 2016

2015 Review: Economy & Markets

Market Review – 4th Quarter 2015

Now More than Ever

Markets have been nothing short of disappointing and tough to negotiate for over a year now.  As we have gone through 2015, we have diligently rebalanced portfolios when appropriate and are producing returns consistent with what the market is allowing across our strategies.  Discipline is always easy when it’s not necessary.  One of the most […]

Market Review – 3rd Quarter 2015


Catering to Millennials

With 70 million members, millennials are the largest cohort of the U.S. population. Dubbed “H.EN.R.Y.’s”, or “High Earners Not Rich Yet”, they face greater economic uncertainty than any other generation before them. Millennials consist of highly educated 18-34 year olds, many having sizable student debt to pay off. Wealthy millennials tend to have more anxiety […]

Market Review -2nd Quarter 2015

Market Review -First Quarter 2015